Swiss Prosperity, Sovereignty and Independence (Schweizer Wohlstand, Souveränität und Unabhängigkeit) – the Prosperity, Sovereignty and Independence of Switzerland is our concern.

The creators of this site believe in the following:

– There is nothing inherently wrong with individual human-beings finding commonality with one another and thereby creating a community, state, and/or finally a nation.

– There is nothing inherently wrong with the resulting nation placing higher priority on the well-being of its own, before looking to the needs and/or demands of those not part of the nation.

– There is nothing inherently wrong with the nation, which is an extension of the sovereign man and woman who compose the nation, to be completely independent of any entities which are not part of the nation.

– Words such as “racism”, “xenophobia” and “discrimination” must never be used without seriously considering the true definitions of those words, and that the context in which these words are used must fit the the definitions. ( makes use of the Oxford Dictionary)

In respect to the above, our goal here is to explain in factual, and detailed fashion, what the immigration initiative of February 9th 2014 is – and what it is not.

Please feel free to share the information on this website with whomever you wish.

– SwissPSI


These are the two largest supermarket chains in Switzerland and both have a stance on GMO's which is very valuable to millions of consumers.

'No place for genetically modified food
Methods from molecular biology are used to detect whether animal feed or maize and soya products contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Analytical checks are carried out prior to shipment of the raw materials and then before processing begins. The Quality Centre also carries out spot checks for GMOs, and so Coop customers can rest assured that no genetically modified products can reach the shelves unnoticed.'

'Meat, milk, eggs and fish
Swiss meat (including poultry), eggs and milk are guaranteed GMO-free. The same applies to all biological products from home and abroad. GMO freedom is one of the requirements of Migros labels. In the case of imported animal products which do not correspond to a label, it can not be ruled out that the animals have been fed with GM feed. In the case of fish, the organic label guarantees GMO-free feeding.'
(Read their full stance on no-GMO's here:
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