the vote

On the 9th of February 2014 the Swiss electorate voted on the popular immigration initiative.
The initiative was passed by a 50.3% majority
The only Swiss German Cantons to vote against the inititiative were Zurich and Zug, and a half Canton of Basel City.
All French Cantons voted against the initiative.
Official vote statistics
Voting participation was one of the highest since 1971 according to
“Districts with low foreinger percentage say increasingly Yes” – (Source: Der Bund)
Cantons for the initiative:
Aargau 55.2% YES
Schaffhausen: 58.1% YES
Graubunden: 50.6 % YES
St Gallen 55.9% YES
Glarus 59.4% YES
Obwalden 59.1% YES
Thurgau 57.8% YES
Nidwalden 58.8 YES
Basel 50.6% YES
Lucerne 53.4% YES
Ticino 86.2% YES
Appenzell Inner Rhodes 63.5% YES
Uri 58.2% YES
Schwyz 63.1% YES
Appenzell Outer Rhodes 54.4% YES
Solothurn 54.6% YES
Bern 51.1% YES

Cantons against the initiative:
Vaud 61.1% NO
Basel City 61% NO
Zug 50.1% NO
Valais 51.7% NO
Fribourg 51.5% NO
Neuchatel 60.7% NO
Geneva 60.9% NO
Jura 56% NO
Zurich 52.7% NO
14.5 Kantons YES
8.5 Kantons NO
55.8% Turnout
2,908,382 votes counted
The only Swiss political party which supported the initiative was the Swiss People’s Party (SVP)
The National Council rejected the initiative by 140 votes to 54, with 1 abstention; the Council of States by 37 votes to 5 with no abstentions.

Political Atlas of Switzerland