the initiative text

The Federal Constitution is amended as follows :

Article 121 Subject Heading (new)
Legislation on foreigners and asylum seekers

Article 121a (new) regulation of immigration
1. Switzerland shall control the immigration of foreigners independently.

2. The number of residence permits for foreigners in Switzerland is limited by annual caps and quotas. The annual caps are valid for all permits issued on the basis of the law on foreigners, including the asylum section. The right to long-term residence, to family re-unification and to social services may be limited.

3. The annual caps and quotas for foreigners that engage in gainful employment must be set on the basis of the overall interests of the Swiss economy and respecting the principle of preference for the Swiss; they must apply to cross-border workers as well. Decisive criteria for the issuance of a residence permit are in particular the application by an employer, the capability for integration, and a sufficient and independent livelihood.

4. No international treaties may be signed in contradiction with this article.

5. The law shall regulate the details.


The transitional provisions of the Federal Constitution be amended as follows:

Article 197 para. 9 (new)

9. Transitional provision to Article 121a ( immigration control )

1. The international treaties contradicting art. 121a must be renegotiated and made conforming within three years from the acceptance of that article by the People and the Cantons.

2. If the executive laws regarding art. 121a have not come into effect within three years from the acceptance of that article by the People and the Cantons, the federal Council shall issue them in the form of a decree.