Swiss Prosperity , Sovereignty and Independence

This site was born out of a desire to share with Switzerland, and with the world, the matters pertaining directly to the prosperity, sovereignity and independence of Switzerland.

The creators of this site believe in the following:

– There is nothing inherently wrong with individual human beings finding commonality with each other and therefore creating a community, state, and/or finally a nation.
– There is nothing inherently wrong with the resulting nation to want to look after it’s own before looking to the needs and/or demands of those not part of the nation.
– There is nothing inherently wrong with the nation, which is an extension of the sovereign man and woman who comprise the nation, to be fully and completely independant of any and all entities which are not part of the nation.
– Words such as “racist”, “xenopobic” and “discrimination” must never be used without seriously considering the true meaning of those words, and that the context in which they are used must fit the meaning. (We refer to the Oxford and Merriam Webster dictionaries)

In respect to the above our goal here is to explain in factual and detailed fashion what the immigration initiative of February 9th 2014 is – and what it is not.

Please feel free to share the information on this website with whoever you wish.

– The Editor

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